Friday, November 7, 2014

Time has an amazing way of telling tales of the most rememberable experiences this life has to offer!!

Keone Singlehurst  "Go Easy"  Rockaway Beach NYC

Jimmy Dowd / Circa 1995 / LES NYC

Sean Kittle-NYC Barrel

New Boards.Designed in NYC .. Shaped&Glassed in NY.

Albert Reid :: Rockaway Beach NYC

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Molokai Hawaii (Silvery Green)

Hana, Maui(Top of 7 Pools)

The Hana Crew@ The Wickey's Home 

Hana , Maui (Backyard Neighbor)

Friday, March 15, 2013

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 Greg Allen NYC

Bungalow 88ST/Rockaway Beach


Thursday, March 14, 2013


She approached our town cruising at a smooth 13mph
Delivered the storm of the century
Then darkness
The sun rises the darkness still lingers
People with shattered faces of disbelief
Soup cooked on the street, sidewalks loaded with the memories of generations
Times passes and the tears dry up, as we clean the wrath of this disaster
The best and worst arise from the human race
Support from all peoples coming together to aid the forgotten in Rockaway Beach
Demons of the night prey on the weak and broken
Looting and terrorizing the already ravaged individuals and families
A taste of Armageddon as zombies walk these wild west streets in search for the necessities to survive
One week has passed and the mindset gains confidence to rebuild,prepare,stand strong and let that bitch know that ROCKAWAY BEACH will never go............


JD 11/4/2012

"The Morning"

This morning the coffee tastes exceptionally well.

Today is the day my smile feels ligit.

The sky is looking right at me.

Birds inviting me for the next pass by.

Buisness calls going smooth like satin sheets.

There is nothing but air and opportunity outside.

I feel strong and confident that this is

"The Morning"

JD 3/14/13

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